We democratize AI trading and empower individuals with cutting-edge cloud AI stock trading solutions

You will not need any knowledge or expertise in AI or data science. The platform provides all these so you can explore effective trading strategies.

Our AI Stock Solutions

Each AI model is made of a specialized AI algorithm that computes and publishes the following predictions every day, for 3000+ stocks and ETFs.

The AI Models

We offer 3 types of Core AI models. They use different algorithms and produce different predictions and performance.

The AI Predictions

Each AI model is executed every day and computes and publishes these predictions in the client’s dashboards:

Investment Stock AI Models
  • Horizon: Long-term, quarter to one year, stock predictions.
  • Coverage: 3000+ stocks.
  • Input Data: 250+ fundamental stock indicators.
  • Strategies: we offer two strategies using fundamental indicators:
6 Core AI Models
Daily Stock Selection AI Models
  • Horizon:Daily stock predictions are computed after the close of the market for the next-day.
  • Input Data: 200+ technical stock indicators.
  • Strategies: we offer five strategies using fundamental indicators:
11 Core AI Models

Create your own custom AI investment and trading bots, backed by the knowledge and experience of our expert trading data scientists.

How to create your own stock prediction AI

What is a Core AI model

Each Core AI model AURORA and SOPHIA are made of:

Custom stock AI creation

SapienTrade offers three types of AI stock platforms

Leverage the power of AI predictive stock scoring and selection at any level of involvement you desire.

Clients: Individual and professional traders, long-term investors, academic and institutional researchers, fund and portfolio managers, and investment, credit, quantitative analysts.

Professional Solution
Core Stock AI Models

17 Core AI models specialized in stock scoring and selection.
These models use standard trading strategies as input data. These AIs make predictions and publish their results as a cloud service to all subscribers. The AI models are managed and continually enhanced by our expert data science trading team.
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Premium Solution
Custom Stock AI Models

Pick a given Core AI stock model and modify its strategy.
Create your AI by replacing the core strategy with your own strategy, with fundamental and technical indicators and formula. Within days our expert data science team configures and trains your custom AI stock model. It is then ready to produce predictions for you.
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Enterprise Solution
Private AI Stock Instance

Opt for a private cloud instance for the entire AI stock platform.
We install the entire AI Stock cloud platform on a private cloud of your choosing. You can create and control your own AI stock models from ground-up, assisted by our data science trading team. You can also choose our private cloud already loaded with market, fundamental and technical predictors data.
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Want to see boosted insights for yourself?

Leverage a range of Deep and Machine Learning AI models specially designed for stock scoring and selection. Customize these to create your own investment and trading AIs.